Tips for Dating on

I've tried a half dozen different dating sites, and remains one of my favorite sites. It is the website that's most suitable for someone who likes to have access to a large membership and freely search for and interact with other members on the site. On the other hand, is not the best site if your goal is to have someone else (in this case, a computer program) find matches for you. For that kind of online dating, eHarmony is the most respected online dating solution.

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With, you are always in charge. After joining the site and creating a profile, you can get started searching other members. Possible matches are also suggested to you on a daily basis. But the rest of the work is up to you. You need to review any matches you received and decide whom to communicate with. In addition, you should be using the search function to create your own shortlist of people you want to interact with.

The one downside of is that there is so much activity on the site that much of you communication gets lost. Many women receive hundreds of messages a day and it can be hard to stand out. This means it's all the more important for you to not give up and keep sending messages out consistently. I find it helps to set a goal, such as to send 10 messages a day. Remember, most messages should be short and sweet. If you write a full-length email to each person you send a message too, you'll quickly burn out. One or two sentences is sufficient in most cases. If the person you contacted is at all interested, they will likely respond. To get a feel for how works, I usually tell people to get the free trial from You can then see for yourself how the messaging system works, and what kind of response rate you can expect.

In the initial stages, I think photos are more important than the verbiage in your profile (most profiles just contain boring stuff anyway). Therefore, make sure you get the most attractive and interesting photos possible for your profile page. And do upload more than one picture, as that's the norm these days and if you only have one picture, your profile will seem a bit lacking.