The Guernsey Cricket Board Development Programme starts with children as young as year one and two attending organised coaching sessions during the winter and then a structured softball league during the summer.
This continues into years three and four with the whole emphasis on fun, enjoyment and participation. During the Winter there are also coaching sessions open to all for players in school years five through to ten. These sessions work on the fundamentals of the game and prepare, introduce and develop the players skills for hardball cricket.

The U12 Development League and the U15 Junior League run throughout the summer school term run by the leading GCB Weekend League Clubs Miton, Wanderers, Cobo and OR's. This is the first stage of the player pathway from junior to senior cricket. 

The next step for the players is potential selection into one of the GCB Representative Coaching Programmes from U11 through to U19. 

These sessions are invitational and we constantly continue to move players through our system when their development warrants it. The summer representative squads at U11 and U13 are selected from the Winter Coaching Programme. The ICC European Cricket Competitions run each year for the U15-U19 squads alongside fixtures against county sides from the UK.

The GCB Emerging Players Programme then completes the Elite Performance Pathway working closely with Sussex CCC, our county link in the UK.

The Guernsey Cricket Board are committed to ensuring that all of the players within our structure should be allowed to find the level befitting them. We will continue to ensure that competition and coaching opportunities are available to all at every level.

To find out the opportunities available to you please get in touch through the CONTACT US page.


Using E-cigarettes for better health

Regardless of whether you play cricket or some other sport, there's no question that quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. But the unfortunate thing is that quitting smoking remains a difficult, if not impossible thing for many individuals to do. There are many smoking cessation tools on the market, and even some prescription medications designed to help you quit. And yet, millions of people each year are unable to follow through with their desire to give up smoking.

For those who have been unsuccessful at quitting smoking, I offer an alternate option, which is to use e-cigarettes instead of smoking. The transition to using e-cigs is a rather smooth one for most people, since the liquids that are vaporized by e-cigs still contain nicotine. Thus, you will still be able to satisfy your craving for nicotine, which makes it much easier to stick with e-cigs instead of going back to smoking. Equally important, vaping is an experience that closely resembles the sensation of smoking real cigarettes. Because of this, there is a good chance for your mind and body to feel that the habit is substantially similar to smoking, which also makes it less likely for you to crave a regular cigarette.

You will want to ensure that your first experience vaping is a positive one. For this reason, I highly recommend that you purchase your first e-cigarettes from a company that is known to sell high-quality e-cigarettes. White Cloud Ecigs is one such company, and I like them because they offer many different types of e-cigarettes and their products are generally very well-made. The one negative is that they are a bit expensive. You can use Vapori coupons (from this URL:, however, to get a good deal and pay less than what other consumers might pay. The easiest way to get started with e-cigarettes is to purchase one of White Cloud Ecig's starter kits. These kits contain everything you need to begin vaping, and allow you to save a bit of money as well.

Making the most of your business packaging


Many businesses have packaging needs, and the quality of the packaging that is used often has a big impact on how the business is perceived. Take something like chocolate as an example. Even if the product itself remains the same, chocolates in a fancy box will definitely convey an image of value. For many businesses, the packaging will almost be as important as the product itself.

The challenge is to find a company that will provide great packaging and still be affordable. To some extent, how good a box or bag is will depend on personal taste. But clearly, there are companies that stand out and have a good reputation. One such business is Bags and Bows, which is actually owned by Deluxe, the famous checking company. But one should not select a business simply because it's backed by a famous company. The products and services offered by a business must stand on its own.

In the case of Bags and Bows, the company clearly earns its merit by providing a vast selection of boxes, bags, and various packaging materials. Most importantly, it allows customers to personalize an item, most often by adding a logo or other artwork to a product that they order. Many things can go wrong during the customization process, and it is here that Bags and Bows really go the extra mile. The company assigns a specialist to work with each custom order, and this specialist works closely with the customer to ensure that the product will turn out exactly the way the customers wants.

As for affordability, Bags and Bows charges prices that are more or less in line with what competitors charge for similar products. That said, you can usually get a nice discount on products by using a Bags and Bows promotional code. For the most part, such promo cards are widely available if you visit sites that specialize in providing web coupons to its visitors. It behooves you to also place large orders, as this will usually qualify you for free shipping. Given how heavy paper products can be, the free shipping can certainly save you a good chunk of money.

Options for gambling in the modern era


Decades ago, your only option when it came to playing casino games was to find a casino to go to. And back then, casinos were not as ubiquitous as they are today, so finding a place to gamble was not all that easy. Today, options for gambling have become much more numerous. Below are some of the ways you can gamble in the modern era:

1. Visit a casino.
This is still the number one option for many people, as nothing seems to match the excitement of live gambling. In the United States, the majority of people live within driving distance of at least once casino. One issue, however, is that you may not be able to drink or stay out late if you have a long drive home. For this reason, some people prefer to do their gambling during vacations that they take. Las Vegas and Atlantic City continue to be among the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

2. Gamble online.
A more recent option is to play at an online casino. A problem, however, is that most casinos are offshore and not all consumers trust such entities. Before gambling your hard-earned money online, you should read reviews of online casinos to make sure you're only playing at reputable online casinos.

Funding online casino accounts is nother potential issue, as many credit card companies will not process such transactions. A possible solution is to use bitcoin casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments. For a list of such casinos, check out this list of Bitcoin Poker websites:

Business Checking Products at a Discount

business checking

I spoke earlier about how to get great packaging materials from Bags and Bows. As I mentioned back in that article, Bags and bows is actually owned by Deluxe, which is most famous for providing checks. For over 100 years, the company has been a reliable provider of many different kinds of checks to businesses and financial institutions. Today, the company offers traditional checks, laser checks, high-security checks, and even eChecks.

The eChecks in particular are an intriguing choice since it can save a business money by getting rid of the need for ink and paper. What the product actually does it push those tasks to the receiver of the check. Once they get the eCheck via email, they must print it out on their own. Therefore, although the product may make life easier for you, it's important to weigh whether you want to create an additional hassle for the recipients.

I personally prefer traditional checks for the time being. You can get checks that look plain if you want to save on money, but if you want to make a better impression, there are also many larger checks with intricate artwork. And of course, the best thing you can do to promote your business is to also put your logo and slogan on the check. This costs extra, but if you use Deluxe coupon codes from this page, you can usually get a pretty good deal on them.

In all likelihood, you are using some kind of software to print your checks, be it Quickbooks, Sage50, or Quick Pay. If this is the case, you want to make sure you order the Laser Check products and not the Manual Check products. When you are on the Laser Check page, you will be able to select the program you use and view all compatible checks. In most instances, you should have dozens of checking products to select from, regardless of the program you use.

High-security checks are also an option, but as you probably know, you'll need to pay a bit of a premium if you want to get these kind of checks. Therefore, you'll have to decide how important security is for your business. If you work in an industry with lots of fraud, getting these types of checks is a no-brainer. In other instances, it will have to be a personal decision where you weigh the pros and cons. A high-security check won't guarantee security, but there is no question that it will reduce the instances of fraud by a substantial amount.

Why You Should Buy Your Contact Lenses on the Internet

It surprises me that to this day, many people still order their contact lenses from their optometrist. If you are doing this, you are likely spending more on your contact lenses than you need to be. I've been buying contact lenses online for over 10 years now, and recommend that you do the same. Here are some pros and cons of buying contact lenses on the Internet:



  1. You can save money.
    Contact lens prices on the Internet are almost always lower than retail price, and usually lower than what your eye doctor will charge if you order contacts from them. You can verify this yourself by going online and checking prices at several contact lens stores. The store that offers the lowest prices online, however, is usually in my experience.
  2. There is a bigger selection.
    Many times, when you order contact lenses from your doctor, they will be out of stock and you'll need to wait for your lenses. This won't be the case at at online contact lens stores, as they have a huge inventory of lenses. In the end, you can get your lenses in about the same time as you would have waited had you ordered your lenses from your doctor. Therefore, ordering from your doctor usually does not mean that you'll get your lenses more quickly, unless you just happen to be lucky enough to need lenses that they have on hand.
  3. There are many coupons and special deals.
    Most online stores offer online coupons and other discounts on a regular basis. Take, for instance. you can currently get a coupon from as well as several other coupon websites.


  1. You have to pay shipping.
    Many stores charge a relatively high shipping cost, and this could eat into your savings. The best solution to this is to place a large enough order so that you qualify for free shipping. At, this is usually just over $100. I like to purchase at least 4 boxes when I place my contact lens orders, as this gets me not just free shipping but a discount as well.

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and therefore, buying contact lenses online is really a choice that makes sense for almost everybody. The first time you place an order, it can be a bit confusing. However, as long as you have a copy of your prescription, all the information you need will be on it. If you aren't already in the habit of doing so, make sure you request a copy of your prescription when you get your eye exam.

Tips for Dating on

I've tried a half dozen different dating sites, and remains one of my favorite sites. It is the website that's most suitable for someone who likes to have access to a large membership and freely search for and interact with other members on the site. On the other hand, is not the best site if your goal is to have someone else (in this case, a computer program) find matches for you. For that kind of online dating, eHarmony is the most respected online dating solution.

dating sites

With, you are always in charge. After joining the site and creating a profile, you can get started searching other members. Possible matches are also suggested to you on a daily basis. But the rest of the work is up to you. You need to review any matches you received and decide whom to communicate with. In addition, you should be using the search function to create your own shortlist of people you want to interact with.

The one downside of is that there is so much activity on the site that much of you communication gets lost. Many women receive hundreds of messages a day and it can be hard to stand out. This means it's all the more important for you to not give up and keep sending messages out consistently. I find it helps to set a goal, such as to send 10 messages a day. Remember, most messages should be short and sweet. If you write a full-length email to each person you send a message too, you'll quickly burn out. One or two sentences is sufficient in most cases. If the person you contacted is at all interested, they will likely respond. To get a feel for how works, I usually tell people to get the free trial. You can then see for yourself how the messaging system works, and what kind of response rate you can expect.

In the initial stages, I think photos are more important than the verbiage in your profile (most profiles just contain boring stuff anyway). Therefore, make sure you get the most attractive and interesting photos possible for your profile page. And do upload more than one picture, as that's the norm these days and if you only have one picture, your profile will seem a bit lacking.